About Homitori

Dormitel (Hotel type Dormitory)

A dormitory that provides daily and monthly accommodation in the heart of Davao City. The rooms are furnished with bunk beds, lockers and tables and chairs. We are currently accepting both male and female guests.

How do you get Out of the Airport?

Getting out of the airport requires walking towards the Diversion Road, since jeepney and other modes of public transportation (except taxis) don’t pass by in front of the airport itself. Just a few meters from the airport is the Diversion Road which leads to downtown Davao City, Matina or Toril if southbound; or Panacan if heading north.

From: Airport to Homitori


Since your destination is going to Homitori you need to ride a jeepney with a signboard going to Holy Cross College Via Sta. Avenue, the fare cost is P18.00.When you reach Holy Cross College, you need to take another ride going to Homitori with a signboard Ulas Via Magsaysay w/c cost you P8.00 or you can simply walk to reach Homitori along Sta. Ana Avenue.

Taxi Ride Vise Versa:

If you choose to travel using a taxi, it’s quite expensive however it’s convenient and it will take you to your destination. Just inform the driver your going to Davao International Airport or to Homitori.

From: Homitori to Airport

You can ride a Jeep w/a signboard going to Panacan-Buhangin. It costs P18.00.
It’s cheaper than riding a taxi that will cost you P200.00, however it will give you a long travel due to heavy traffic.



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